A focused attendee base is your most valuable asset.
Engage your audience beyond the event to unlock
new revenue streams.

Digital marketing tools built specifically for event professionals

Enhance Sponsor Packages

Stand out from the competition and give your sponsors top-of-mind exposure before and after the event through intelligent digital ad retargeting.

Boost Ticket Sales

Drive conversions and reclaim lost sales by retargeting your site visitors as they surf the web. Ads automatically adjust to offer promotions and discounts.

Unlock New Revenue

Don't let the show end when people leave the event. Tap into new slices of the CMO’s budget by offering digital access to your valuable attendee base year-round.

The focus of event marketing, the flexibility of digital.

Targeted Audience

The power of events lies in the dense concentration of a very defined audience. Our advanced cookie-tracking technology lets you reach that audience through targeted digital ads.

Cross Promotion

If you run multiple event or media properties, leverage similar audiences to cross-promote your own brands and expand your offering to sponsor CMOs.

Quantifiable ROI

Give sponsor CFOs the data they crave and prove your event’s value with detailed analytics reports. Utilize this competitive advantage to attract new partners and improve retention.

Digital Reach

Your attendees live and work in a digital world. Go beyond the event and engage your audience with targeted ads across Facebook, Twitter, mobile, and the web.

Tools designed to save you time

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Algorithmic Retargeting

Our technology tracks your site visitors and purchases ads for you in real time, always showing the right message to the right audience.

Campaign Automation

No need for micro-managing; our software dynamically adjusts ads based on performance and automates time-based offers such as early-bird pricing.

Templated Landing Pages

Auto-generate and easily customize partner landing pages so you can promote them and they can promote your event. No coding required!

A critical resource for your event and your partners:

Trade shows require smarter use of digital tools to support exhibitors with their broader marketing needs. Winning organisers will increasingly be those who extend their contact with visitors outside the show.
Daniel Rankine
Executive Chairman of AMR International
As part of an integrated package or as a standalone profit center, a range of digital marketing options are becoming critical offerings for events.
Michael Rhondon
Senior Editor for EXPO Magazine

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