So, how is your event doing with digital?

“Umm, yea, you know…”

Yea, we do know. It’s a tough question for most event organizers to answer.

And it makes sense that it would be. You have so many other responsibilities to handle to make your event successful. That’s why even the most progressive event organizers from the largest event companies in the world are generally unable to answer that question.

But tracking and measuring the digital performance of your event is absolutely critical. Digital is eating the world and whether you are ready or not, the success of your event is becoming more and more dependent on its digital presence, marketing, and monetization.
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Referral marketing is an acquisition channel with huge potential for events.

The idea is fairly straightforward, leverage the networks of your exhibitors, speakers, and existing attendees to get new attendees. But the implementation isn’t always so easy.

How do you get attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors to actually participate? And how can you reliably track the amount of registrations each sends?

Join Aidan, President and Co-founder of Feathr, for a deep dive into the world of referral marketing with an emphasis on technology that has made running these programs more effective than ever.
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Digital metrics and analytics are the foundation for digital success. But the metrics world is confusing and there are literally thousands of digital metrics to choose from. Which ones are right for you?

And, more importantly, how can you get started easily so that you can get back to focusing on what matters – growing and improving your event.

Join Aleksander, CEO and Co-founder of Feathr, for a thorough look at the world of digital metrics and analytics – all from the perspective of an event professional.

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GAINESVILLE, Florida – Gainesville-based startup Feathr has outgrown the Florida Innovation Hub and is relocating its headquarters to a larger, fully-customized office space in Gainesville within Innovation Square. With productivity surging after a brief stint in Austin, Texas, the event marketing technology company expects the new space to facilitate the additional growth on the horizon and attract and retain quality employees.
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Yay, team!

Gainesville, FL – July 19, 2016

Feathr, the Event Marketing Cloud, announced today that it has received $2 million in venture capital funding to continue its growth and development as the go-to digital marketing platform for event professionals. This investment was led by Florida Gulfshore Capital, with participation from the Florida Opportunity Fund (co-managed by Arsenal Venture Partners), the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and several strategic partners. Previous investors Capital Factory also participated.
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In 2015, LeadsCon, put on by Access Intelligence, was busy gearing up for the New York edition of their direct marketing event. Nearly a decade into establishing themselves as the industry source in direct marketing, LeadsCon was looking for a new way to engage their network of exhibitors and sponsors effectively to boost registrations for their event.

But, they suffered the same problems many companies do when relying on traditional exhibitor referral program tactics – high friction and low participation.
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winner 5

Feathr, The Event Marketing Cloud, has been selected as winner of the prestigious UFI Technology Award.

Each year UFI, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, grants their Technology Award to the best new technology that supports the exhibition industry. This year, UFI’s international panel of exhibition professionals selected Feathr as the standout company from the large group of world-wide contestants.

“At UFI’s ICT Committee we strive for excellence and innovation. Feathr was a good example of both! Its solution perfectly combines the magic of face-to-face and digital,” said Maria Martinez, Director at Madrid’s trade fair institution IFEMA (Spain), and Chair of the UFI ICT Committee, which has run the annual award since 2008.

The UFI Technology Award is the second major industry competition that Feathr has won within a year. The first was granted by SISO, the Society of Independent Show Organizers, at their third annual Innovation Battlefield in August of 2015.

Launched in 2014, Feathr, The Event Marketing Cloud, is the only digital marketing platform tailored exclusively for the needs of event organizers. It has improved and accelerated the way event professionals use digital marketing technology to grow and monetize events.

“We are incredibly honored to be recognized by UFI as their 2016 Technology Award winner,” said Aidan Augustin, President of Feathr, who co-founded the company with Aleksander Levental in 2012 making mobile apps for events. “As people spend ever more time online, exhibitions are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between digital and in-person engagement. Our goal at Feathr is to help organizers – and their exhibitors – capitalize on this opportunity!”

The award was announced by UFI on June 7th, 2016, and will be presented to Aidan Augustin, Co-founder and President of Feathr, at the 83rd UFI Congress in Shanghai in November 2016.

Feathr plans to continue the development of its product to help event organizers further leverage digital marketing technology to grow and monetize their events.

Click here to see the original press release from UFI.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the latest feature added to Feathr – custom segments. Custom segments allow you to create even more targeted segments of your audience.

Until now Feathr has automatically segmented your audience based on behavioral attributes such as unique URL page views, Email opens, geographic location, and more. This automatic segmentation is a great place to start.

However, our wonderful customers have been more creative with the data they want to track and use than we initially imagined, pushing us to build a tool that gives more specific ways to create audience segments.

For example, what if you want to build a segment that includes all users who view specific exhibitor profiles and open a particular Email?

What if you have multiple registration funnels that end up on the same confirmation page? How do you track which audience members visiting that URL are from which registration process?

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Retargeting is a marketing technology with huge potential for growing events. But, it’s dramatically under-utilized by event organizers. And even when it is used, it isn’t fully understood.

Join Aidan Augustin, our co-founder and President for a crash-course in this technology and a step-by-step breakdown of how to quickly implement it to start growing your event.Continue Reading →


KBIS is an amazing show that has run for more than 50 consecutive years – talk about longevity! Rebecca Corbett, Marketing Manager for KBIS, is in charge of keeping the momentum going.

In the past, Rebecca had succeeded in that effort mostly via the traditional marketing channels of print and direct mail. While still working, the effectiveness of these channels was starting to trail off.

And with the explosion of digital marketing, Rebecca knew that she couldn’t afford to ignore it any longer.
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