Our Technology

Feathr’s marketing cloud is powered by an enterprise analytics service. Upon incorporating the Super Pixel into your event websites, publications, and newsletters Feathr automatically tracks and analyzes 20+ features for every action your users perform – including time of day, session length, platform (mobile vs. desktop), browser, screen size, cursor position, geographic location, and more.

Our data science package inspects every data point for each user individually in order to extrapolate trends that allow us to systematically optimize all your marketing activity. Lookalike audiences become more accurate and productive.

Campaigns automatically vary bid price, frequency cap, site placements, and creative weighting to maximize efficiency and performance.

And with each event that Feathr serves, our algorithms get even smarter. Over the 350+ events that we’ve worked with, we’ve tracked 110 million user actions with 2 billion data points. This allows us to uniquely predict and respond to campaign signals based on audience size, time until the event, and engagement. Most importantly, every customer automatically benefits from this with no additional work on their part.

Robust marketing technology designed specifically for the live event industry.